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Home Staging Tips to Sell Your House Fast

home staging tips for home sellers

A lot goes into preparing your house for sale to make sure it attracts the best offers. A recommended tip by real estate experts is to stage it prior to sale. This involves preparing your home for sale to make it look its best and appealing to a larger buyer pool.

We have listed down the top real estate staging tips to help sell your house fast.

Curb Appeal That Makes a Great First Impression

Start your home staging by improving your curb appeal. The outside is the first thing that people will see, so it needs to look appealing and inviting. It should persuade potential buyers to come inside and get to know more about the house.

One way to boost your curb appeal is by keeping the landscaping neat. Trim your lawn and make sure that your bushes and shrubs are well-maintained. Check if your fence needs repainting and if your siding and driveway need power-washing. Also, make sure that there is ample lighting on the walkway and at the front door.

The Importance of Natural Lighting

Natural light is one of the biggest selling points for homebuyers. It can make the house feel more like a home — warm, welcoming, and open. Let the sunshine in by opening the curtains and window shades.

For spaces in your home that natural light cannot reach, there are ways to make the most of the sunshine that comes in or, at least, give the illusion of having more light.

  • Keep the space open or make it look spacious. Make sure that furniture does not block light sources, such as windows and glass doors. Avoid covering them with drapes made of thick material; choose cotton or linen instead. Outside, trim the shrubbery to make sure they do not block windows.
  • Paint the walls with light colors. Choose lighter shades for dim spaces. Offwhite hues like cream can make a space feel light and airy, while cool tones like blue or gray can exude a soft and welcoming vibe.
  • Decorate the space with reflective surfaces. Accent mirrors and stone flooring can help boost natural light in a room and make it look bigger than it is. Make sure that the artificial lighting does not overpower natural light, and choose light colors for furniture and accent pieces.

Clean and Free of Clutter

Don’t forget to give your home some deep cleaning. Not only does it need to look good at first glance, but it should also be kept clean and well-maintained. Keep it free of clutter that could make the space seem smaller.

Declutter your home by removing items that may be crowding your countertops and tables. This should be done not only in common areas and bedrooms but also in the bathroom. If you need to leave some items, make sure these are organized.

Playing it Safe with Neutrals

While there will always be people who are drawn to interesting and unique interiors, you could attract a larger buyer pool with neutrals.

Repaint your walls and replace your rugs and accent pieces with neutral colors like beige, white, light brown, gray, cream, or sand. Neutral colors are not only generally more appealing to a wider range of potential buyers, but they can also serve as blank slates that give future owners the chance to personalize their new home.

Remove Personal Items

Along with keeping the interiors neutral, depersonalize by removing personal items such as family photos, travel memorabilia, and other unique or personal displays you have around the home.

Depersonalizing the space will allow potential buyers to envision the home as their own. It becomes easier for them to imagine how it will be like to create their own memories in their future home.

Maximize Spaces

When decluttering, store away items somewhere else rather than the storage space in your home. Potential buyers will want to see how much space they could have in closets, drawers, and basements or attics. Leave at least one-third of the space empty, and make sure that whatever you stored there are organized.

For bare spaces or nooks in your home, you can convert these into functional areas that you can show off to potential buyers. You can turn a nook that may look too small into a mini workspace or reading nook. A narrow wall could be turned into a chalkboard message center, or you can install hanging shelves for extra storage space.

Finally, make any room look more spacious by having only three pieces of large furniture. This will prevent it from looking too crowded. This is also in line with the blank-slate concept that will help potential buyers to form a better image of themselves making their own memories in your home.

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