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10 Essentials When Searching For Houses For Sale in Philipsburg, PA

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Historic Philipsburg in Centre County, PA, is a small but affordable area located conveniently between State College and Dubois. Philipsburg may be a small area, but its activities don’t disappoint.

You have much to look forward to, from the impeccable character of the locals to good real estate. Additionally, there is always something fun to do.

  • Locals celebrate the history of Philipsburg every year at Heritage Days, a week-long festival that draws in crowds from all over Centre County.
  • Cold Stream Dam is right at the edge of town, and you can enjoy a day of fishing or have a picnic while your children have fun at the newly renovated playground.
  • On the Fourth of July, they have a fireworks display over the dam.
  • Black Moshannon State Park is right around the corner from the dam with trails, swimming, camping, boat rentals, and picnic areas.

If you are looking for a place to call home, Philipsburg has a lot to offer its residents!

Plus, buying Philipsburg, Pa. real estate is a fantastic investment opportunity. However, before purchasing real estate in this incredible place, you must consider some things.

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Factors to consider when shopping for a home in Philipsburg, Pa.

Here are 10 essential things to consider before choosing a place to call home in Philipsburg, Pa.

  1. Location

Although Philipsburg, Pa, is a beautiful place to live, it still matters what part of the town would be best for you and your family. This is because when you purchase a home, you’re not only buying the property but also the neighborhood and access to the nearby cities.

When finding the perfect location for your home, ask about the neighborhood’s safety and proximity to basic amenities like schools, transport systems, grocery stores, recreational spots, and so on.

  1. Budget

Setting a realistic budget will make your financial life more manageable after buying your home. Therefore, before you start checking out new listings, figure out how much you can afford to spend on your home.

One general rule of thumb in real estate investing is that you should not spend more than 28 percent of your monthly earnings on housing expenses.

Your budget will depend on several factors, including your income, credit score, down payment, debt, and mortgage program.

  1. Size of the House

The size of your home will affect its use and potential. The perfect home size would depend on your budget, preference, or family size. If you have a large family, perhaps you’ll need more than 2400 sq ft, which usually the size for an average family, to accommodate everyone comfortably.

How many bedrooms are there in the house? What is the size of the living room area? Does the property have all the space you need?

Some property descriptions to consider include:

  • The house size (sq ft)
  • The house design (open plan vs. traditional)
  • Yard size
  • Garage size
  • Length of the driveway
  • Kitchen size
  • Number of bathrooms
  1. Home Features

Buying your dream home entails more than just meeting your needs. It’s more about realizing your dream of owning your ideal home with the features and aesthetics you’ve always desired. To fulfill those wishes, ask yourself the following question:

  • How many bedrooms do you want?
  • Do you want a home with a specific architectural design?
  • Do you want a roomy eat-in kitchen or a separate space for meals?
  • Do you want a living room with a fireplace?
  • Do you need 1-car or oversized garage?
  • How about a swimming pool, a balcony, or garden?
  1. Home Condition

Before making the purchase, hire a professional home inspector to perform a thorough assessment and send you a detailed report of the home’s condition. If you don’t want to spend extra bucks on unexpected repairs, don’t skip the home inspection.

What is the roof, floor, yard, garage, electricity and plumbing systems, etc.? Would the roof or flooring need repair or replacement in a few years? These are some of the questions a home inspection will provide answers to.

  1. Resale Value

There’s a saying that “no one knows the future.” You may have to sell your home for several reasons, like a change of jobs, new interests, or a host of other reasons. You may even want to move to a bigger and better home due to a change in financial status.

If you have to sell your house someday, consider how easy it will be for you to find willing buyers. Consider if it would fall into prospective properties consumers would want in the future. Will the value appreciate in the future, or will there be a status price drop?

  1. Age of Property

Older homes and newly built properties in Centre County each have their advantages and disadvantages.

Newly built single family homes usually have a modern design with little to no repairs or adjustments. On the other hand, older houses typically have vintage architectural designs and a rustic vibe, but they may require more repairs or replacements.

So, do you want to pay more for a modern home without making any additional repairs? Or do you prefer an antique home that needs some work?

  1. Future Needs

Another important thing you should consider before choosing a home in Philipsburg, PA or anywhere in Centre County is your future needs. We recommend thinking five years from now about where you may be in your life and your needs.

How would your life evolve in a few years? Do you see yourself having more kids, pets, job changes, retirement, change in financial status and preference, etc.?

Try to think long-term and look for a home that is the most compatible with your plans.

  1. Nearby Amenities

How far away is the hospital, grocery store, bus stop, bar, or recreational center? If you have kids, you should consider proximity to the best school district and playgrounds.

You wouldn’t want to drive long distances to get your kids to school or drive halfway across town to get groceries or to visit the doctor. Remember that your home location affects your life in several ways. Make sure your house is in an area where you can easily access basic amenities.

  1. Property Taxes

Finally, you must put property taxes into consideration. You can view the annual property taxes for every home in Center County.

Lenders will consider property taxes when pre-approving and approving loans. Additionally, back to our point about budgeting, this is a cost you’ll need to plan for each year.

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