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Cost of living in State College, PA

State College, PA

If you’re open to moving to State College, Pennsylvania, you might be wondering: How much does it cost to live there? What makes up this community that the locals have grown to call, “Happy Valley”?

This cozy university town is home to approximately 66,500 people. These residents enjoy a life that combines a small-town vibe with many urban conveniences. This lifestyle reflects in its affordability rating as the cost of living index here is 8% higher than the national average, according to 2021 figures. However, compared with other urban centers like neighboring New York City, State College is still 73.3% more affordable.

Moving to State College, PA

Planning your move to State College soon? We can’t wait to have you here. In case you need more convincing, read on for some of the benefits of living in Pennsylvania:

  • Proximity to the Big Apple, but for a more affordable cost of living. While Pennsylvania is cosmopolitan in its own right, many who choose to live here enjoy its close proximity to NYC – all without having to pay for expensive rent or mortgage. Note that in terms of housing, the Big Apple has way higher median home costs than State College, registering a staggering 107.1% difference. There’s plenty of room to grow in PA, especially in State College where you can build your resume, as well as your living space.
  • Support for financial growth and higher education. Pennsylvania hosts a thriving startup scene. If you’re looking to build a business from the ground up, there’s no better place to do it than in State College, home to one of the largest universities in the US, Penn State.
  • The view is quite spectacular. Explore the great outdoors of State College PA, where you can find farmlands, vineyards, marshes, nature preserves, all-water caves, and more. While there’s no need to be completely outdoorsy to love what nature has to offer, there’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself.

Get to know what it’s like in State College, PA. Here are a few gems that you can find in Happy Valley:

  1. Penn’s Cave & Wildlife Park
  2. Geology fans are sure to enjoy the marvel that is Penn’s Cave. Being the only all-water cavern east of the Mississippi River, it’s an experience you won’t forget. Thanks to the impressive engineering work of its stewards in the early 20th century, Penn’s Cave is open to boat tours of the caverns. In 45 to 50 minutes, you will learn about its history and be amazed by the stunning rock formations while listening to the guides.

  3. Discovery Space of Central Pennsylvania
  4. Curious about how State College fosters its main industries of education and biotechnology? Find out all about it at Discovery Space, a science center featuring interactive exhibits and hands-on learning programs targeting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields. With over 45 exhibits that engage children aged 6 months to 14-years-old, Discovery Space encourages curiosity and exploration through play.

  5. Penn State Creamery
  6. Perhaps the sweetest treat that State College has to offer, both for its local community and its tourists, the Penn State Creamery is a world leader in dairy products and food science. For enthusiasts looking to learn more about ice cream-making, Penn State offers a short, 7-day course that educates participants on their “Cow to Cone” manufacturing process. Previous course attendees include Baskin-Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, Hershey, Haagen-Dazs, and Dairy Queen, among many others.

  7. Mount Nittany Conservancy
  8. Take in the sights of State College and the Nittany Valley with eight-mile hiking tours and trails from the Mount Nittany Conservancy. They work to preserve Mount Nittany’s natural beauty so that it may be appreciated by both current and future generations.

  9. Arboretum at Penn State
  10. This long-time project by the community was started in 1914 when Penn State’s stewards first set aside land for its development. While there was so much interest and drive to pursue its construction, the challenge was in gathering enough resources and financial support to make it a reality. In 2007, they found their patron in Charles H. Smith, who donated $10 million which was used to complete its initial construction. The Arboretum’s 395 acres (and counting) has since hosted seasonal community events and private gatherings.

There’s quite a lot to discover in State College, it’s a challenge to list them all down. For better insights into the area, get in touch with our local real estate experts at Heritage Realty Group. Our team can help you find the perfect property via in-person viewings and virtual showings. You may reach us at 814.231.0101 or drop us a note here.